about Hong Kong International Art Academy

Founded in 2000(Based on Hong Kong Modern Art Academy which established in 1983),  Hong Kong International Art Academy is an art institution which trades art works, hosts exhibitions, and publishes art materials. Our leaguer consists of painters, calligraphists, sculptors, professors, PhDs, agents and curators of art galleries. They are distributed in Asia, Europe, Australia and North America. Our offices are located in wide areas of world. On March 2005, we have 565 members and divide into ten committees for different art types.

Good relationship with many countries helps us hosting exhibitions unrestrictedly. Since 2002, our newspaper WORLD ART which is published every two months has got a circulation of over 50,000.


World Art, with the circulation of 50,000, is a professional colourful newspaper in fine arts. It is published by Hong Kong International Art Academy every two months and sent to all kinds of art groups, art institutes, overseas Chinese corporations,  art media, auction companies, financial groups, art galleries and art museums by free.

about HKIAA Canada

Founded in 2005, Hong Kong International Art Academy Canada office is located in Toronto. Our main business are trading art works  and hosting exhibitions. We are always pleased to introduce the great paintings by our top artists to the entire world through hosting their solo shows.    

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